Download issue 3 of TNW’s iPad magazine, SHIFT: The Empowered Individual

Download issue 3 of TNW’s iPad magazine, SHIFT: The Empowered Individual

This past weekend we welcomed a bunch of young and ambitious designers, artists and photographers to our offices in Amsterdam for a long weekend of hard work on our latest issue of SHIFT.

The work included usual activities like making photos, deciding on design and layout and a lot of photography. This weekend was more diverse though. We also biked around town, climbed across some rooftops, practiced some (special kind of) yoga and made a lot of drawings.

The result is a nice collection of original artwork, articles and fresh design. Some parts look like a photography magazine, others focus on articles, some pages are experiments in layout and design. The objective was not to make something that resembled a magazine, but to experiment with content. That’s why the magazine starts with a Magritte quote on one of the first pages. This is not a magazine, even though it is available from Apple’s Newsstand.

cover_thumbThe theme for this issue of SHIFT is ‘The Empowered Individual’. You can download the app for free, and read the first 10 pages for free, before you are asked to buy a single issue or get a subscription.

Feature articles include Diversity in Tech: Rise of the Empowered Individual by Katie Williams,  Time is of the essence by Lindsay Goldwert and Crowdfunding, Kickstarter and Indiegogo fatigue by Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten. Other sections include ‘Drunken Business Plans’, ‘Single Use Apps’, ‘On Roofies’ and ‘Startup advice you can’t beat’.

At 66 pages this is the largest magazine we ever produced so I’m not going to list every article here, but trust me when I say there is more than enough to keep you entertained for a while.

A special thanks to everybody who contributed to this magazine: Julie Donders, Yasmin Veenman, Thom Rietberg, Wout Laban, Victor van Doorn, Lindsay Goldwert, Katie Williams, Vincent Reinders and Bruno van Elshout.

SHIFT is available for a subscription of $2.99 per quarter, or you can buy a single issue for $3.99. It’s available from the App Store now.

A few screenshots:


From the ‘Strengthening pose for internal awareness and better reach’ section


From the ‘Drunken Business Plans’ section


From the ‘TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE’ section


From the ‘Personals’ section


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