What are the fastest-growing tech startups in Europe?

What are the fastest-growing tech startups in Europe?

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a list of the fastest-growing tech startups in Europe? Yes, that’s what we thought as well and it would make so much sense for TNW to follow and cover those companies on their way to their IPOs (hopefully).

So, we sat down with our partner Adyen (a global payments technology provider) and created something new: the Tech5.

The Tech5 is a pan-European initiative to identify the fastest-growing tech startups in each country.

As Europe has a lot of countries, we decided to model the Tech5 after two famous European competitions. Inspired by the Champions League and the Eurovision Song Contest, we came up with the ‘gameplay’ for the Tech5.

At the ‘final’ in Amsterdam during TNW Conference Europe (April 24-25), the 10 7 fastest growing companies from the most vibrant tech communities in Europe will present their company (and represent their country) in front of 2,500 influencers, marketers, investors, journalists and thinkers in the tech scene.

The road to the final

As of today, high-growth tech startups from every European country can join the first phase of the Tech5, if they meet the criteria. The companies from the seven most vibrant tech communities, based on the number of unique submissions that met the criteria, will move on to the next phase to determine the respective Tech5 lists per country. (e.g. German Tech5, UK Tech5).

The companies will be ranked based on growth rates in revenue and usage and the fastest-growing companies get to present in Amsterdam.

The Tech5 lists will be published here on TNW and will be available to other media outlets as well. Note that TNW will destroy all non-public data that it may gather during the process after the final European Tech5 is determined.

Here’s how you can be involved

  • If you live in a country that should get its own Tech5 list, spread the URL to your local tech scene or tweet this.
  • If you have a fast-growing startup and want to get valuable coverage, connections and a speaking slot at TNW conference? Please join the Tech5 via the famous ’10-second signup process’ (we should trademark that).
  • If you want to keep track of the results, leave your email here or meet up with the fastest growing companies of Europe and 2500 thousand peers in Amsterdam (be quick though).

Stay tuned for more info, we will cover the Tech5 lists of each country and more here on TNW.

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