Introducing TNW Encore. Not a paywall, but a SINGwall.

Introducing TNW Encore. Not a paywall, but a SINGwall.

There’s an old saying that you have to “sing for your supper.” Here at The Next Web we think you should sing for your tech news.

You may remember that one year ago we announced a paywall. We heard you – you didn’t like the idea. We get it. News and information should be free! That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have value though. As a loyal The Next Web reader we’re sure that you’ll want to give something back to us, and being the innovative forward thinkers that we are, we’ve come up with something that will let you share your passion for what we do – TNW Encore.

From tomorrow, we’ll be letting you read ten articles on the site for free each month. After that, it gets fun! Yes, if you’re reading more than ten articles, you’re clearly a dedicated TNW fan so you’ll love the pop-up window that will appear, obscuring the article you wanted to read and inviting you to TNW Encore, our very own online karaoke club.

You can take part with any USB microphone, or just sing straight into your computer or mobile device (yes, you can even take part on a crowded commuter train in the morning rush hour!). We’ve licensed some real classics that everyone loves will have no problem singing wherever they are, including:

  • Bette Midler: ‘The Wind Beneath My Wings’
  • Nickelback: ‘How You Remind Me’
  • Minnie Riperton: ‘Lovin’ You’

For every song you sing, you’ll get access to three more articles on The Next Web. That’s not all, if other users vote you the best singer of the day, you’ll get a bonus ten articles and t-shirt personally signed by our CEO, Zee M. Kane.

Why are we doing this? We’re firm believers that money only gets you so far in life. Our co-founder Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten recently read ‘The Passion Economy’, a book by social media consultant-turned-economist Arpil Foal. Boris rushed into the office the next day and announced that TNW should be a company built purely on passion, and if we can get by without making any more money ever again then he’d be a happy man. What shows passion more than singing? Nothing! That’s how TNW Encore was born.

So, limber up your vocal cords and get ready – from tomorrow The Next Web is pioneering the future of online media, and it sounds great.

Image credit: AFP / Getty Images

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