Announcing TNW Conference: Antarctica. It doesn’t get any cooler than this.

Announcing TNW Conference: Antarctica. It doesn’t get any cooler than this.

One thing we’ve always been surprised about is the number of visitors to our site we see everyday from Antarctica. Despite the fact that only scientists live there and  irrespective of the fact that it’s the only continent on Earth without indigenous human inhabitants, our ambitions for world domination know no bounds – we think it’s time The Next Web brought its headline event to the region.

On Christmas Day 2013, The Next Web Conference is making its way to Antarctica!!!

The Antarctica startup scene is growing from what we hear and we want to be first to market. As you can imagine, the evenings can be awfully boring out there, but on the positive side, building startups has become somewhat of a necessity not a choice.

Successes such as,, have energised the Antarctic startup community and 2013 should see more break-out companies launch.

Tickets will go on sale next week. Attendees will stay in igloos, and will be chauffeured to the various “conference centers” by husky sleds.

Entertainment will be provided by “Seal”, dancing at the after party by the South Pole Dancers and all drinks will be pints of Penguinness. The best news? No chance of warm beer!

And a special thanks to camps Livingston Island, Ross Island, South Pole, Borchgrevink’s Hut and Bay of Whales who have kindly given us access to an Internet connection for our Hack Battle.

Important note: Anyone caught trying to sneak in dressed as a penguin will be banned from all TNW Conferences.

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