Learn the secrets behind viral videos with our new TNW Academy class

Learn the secrets behind viral videos with our new TNW Academy class

A few years ago, at my former job my boss asked me: “How do we create a video that has a chance of going viral?” I honestly didn’t have a clue. Thinking out loud I said “We need an awesome or funny video!” I realized straight away that ‘funny’ and ‘awesome’ were hardly the practical guidelines to go by when creating a viral video hit. You might as well add “We need cats!” Eventually our awesome video was never created and we never had a shot at going viral.

That’s what some marketers in this world must ask Santa Claus each year: “Dear Santa, can we go viral please?”, as it seems to be the holy grail of marketing. Just look at the success of Old Spice’s The Man Your Man Could Smell Like (44.7mln views and counting).

Which brand doesn’t want to be part of that? Unfortunately we all know Santa’s not going to give it to you. You have start yourself and know what the essential ingredients really are for creating that viral hit. And that’s what we looked for, someone who could tell us what those are.

Enter our TNW Academy class ‘The Secret to Viral Videos’. In this two-hour class Chris Quigley will give you everything you need to start making your own viral hit.

Chris is co-founder of specialist viral agency Rubber Republic, creator of viral hits like the Bodyform Facebook Response, Mercedes Catch and Roger Federer Trickshot. Most recently Chris founded VAN: providing apps to help people produce their own viral hits.

Using 10+ years of experience of making viral hits, Chris will talk you through viral video theory, provide practical tips and pick apart viral case studies. He will also provide a demo of TubeRank, a free online tool that helps people design virals. Join Chris, get your questions answered and learn how to create the next viral video everyone’s talking about.

For: Anyone who wants to create viral hit
Level: Beginner enthusiasts
Duration: 2 hours with enough room to ask your questions
Day & time: March 26 – 6pm GMT (more)
Where: online

Bodyform Facebook Response, with 3.7 million views (2m in 2 days), one of Rubber Republic’s viral hits.

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