Back by dope demand: Growth Hacking by Joe Stump

Back by dope demand: Growth Hacking by Joe Stump

The first Growth Hacking class was a great success at TNW Academy. But for those who missed out: we’re organizing a second one!

Growth Hacking by Joe Stump is a live interactive class about the essential techniques to enable rapid growth. The term ‘growth hacking’ has become quite the buzz word, butaccording to Joe it’s just a fancy term for bringing the same metrics-driven approach developers have been using for years to marketing and product development.

Joe Stump is former lead architect of, serial entrepreneur (founder of and adviser of many startups and companies. Joe will share his extensive knowledge in a no-nonsense fashion. He will cover the available tools and why each is important, how they configured them at, how to run tests and interpret the results and share some examples where they have seen success from growth hacking.

This class is for every founder, marketer or product manager that wants to learn growth hacking. After this class you can immediately start improving your product and growing your userbase.

Level: Beginner enthusiasts
Duration: 2 hours with enough room to ask your questions
Day & time: March 19 – 7pm GMT (more)
Where: online

Join Joe, get your questions answered and learn how to grow fast.

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