New on TNW Guides – How to Use Sweat Equity to Fund Your Startup [Sale Price]

New on TNW Guides – How to Use Sweat Equity to Fund Your Startup [Sale Price]

Chances are, if you’ve not yet been in a position where you have to talk about splitting equity, you will be. For startup founders, there’s hardly any situation that’s less comfortable. How can you look at someone who comes on during year number two and say that they are entitled to anywhere near the same amount of equity as you have, after you’ve put blood, sweat and tears into your company?

Maybe you don’t have to.

How to Use Sweat Equity to Fund Your Startup is the newest release on TNW Guides. It’s an interesting look at how you can go about things a different way, using a syste of dynamic equity sharing. It’s a fair answer, where the ones who work the hardest get the most. Perhaps that’s how it should be.

For a limited time, we’re pricing this $15 guide at a mere $9. For less than ten bucks, you can save yourself some heartache, quite a few sleepless nights and countless uncomfortable talks. It’s written by Mike Moyer, an entrepreneur who just can’t seem to quit building new businesses. These days he teaches at the University of Chicago and Northwestern University, so consider this like the cheapest college class you’ve ever bought.

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