Get your ad featured in the ‘GAMIFICATION’ issue of TNW Magazine: bidding starts now!


For our previous issue of TNW Magazine, our monthly digital iPad & iPhone publication, we had startups bid for a full page ad. We ended up selecting 10 startups and they all got a very good deal and a lot of visibility in our magazine.

Our next issue will appear on February 22, the last Friday of the month, and will be the ‘Games & Gamification’ issue. We had a lot of fun with the previous auction so we decided to do one again, with slightly different rules. So, if you’ve got something to promote, ideally in the gaming or gamification area, and are you looking for a great deal – continue reading.

Our magazine has more than 140,000 installs so you can potentially reach a lot of people. If you have a video to show or a Twitter and Facebook account to link to, that is possible too. Because people are on an iPad or iPhone it is easier to convert them to download or browse something.

TNW Magazine is completely free (although we accept donations in the form of optional paid subscriptions) and supported by advertising. Here are the rules:

  • The starting bid is $10
  • The top bid will get a full-page ad
  • The next top 4 bids will get a shared ad which displays 4 logos

To give you an idea of how great a deal this could be; a normal full-page ad starts at $2500. If you have any questions about the magazine or advertising feel free to contact me. And don’t forget to download a free copy of the magazine so you can what ads look like.

Now here is where it gets messy; find the highest bid in the comments and leave a comment with your bid and make sure to mention which startup you want to promote. I’ll keep an eye on the comments and collect the highest bids and contact them at the end of next week. This should be fun… :-)

P.S.: our commenting system thinks it is highly suspicious when you post a comment with a dollar sign ($) and a hyperlink. Too many spam comments did that. So when posting a bid just mention your company name and the number but leave out the dollar sign.

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