Introducing TNW Academy and our first online class: SEO Essentials for Startups

Introducing TNW Academy and our first online class: SEO Essentials for Startups

Are you a startup? Then you don’t want to miss out on our very first TNW Academy online class: SEO Essentials for Startups.

TNW Academy is a new online education and training chapter of The Next Web, and though we’re still “in beta”, this qualitative class – one of many more to come – will be particularly useful.  SEO Essentials for Startups is in collaboration with the renowned marketeer and developer Joost de Valk who specializes in (technical) SEO and works for clients like eBay, Facebook and the Guardian.

When in startup phase, every website visitor matters, as each one of them is a potential satisfied user of your brilliant new product. One of the sources that can bring you this traffic is organic search. Organic search traffic is the kind of traffic from search engines that you don’t have to pay for, unlike the ads you often see next to the search phrase you just typed. But not paying for it doesn’t mean it’s free. I know from experience that it requires hard work; having your website in order from a technical point of view, create qualitative content and much more. The good news is that if executed correctly it can make all the difference for your startup.

We are talking about SEO – search engine optimization – a piece of the marketing pie that can seem like rocket science to the inexperienced. There is indeed an actual science to it and it’s less complex than building a rocket. In our first online class Joost will tell you all about the essential elements you should cover to get on the road of success.

What, when, how much and why?
 2 hour online class from Joost; 1 hour on technical side of SEO, the other hour is about the content side of SEO and there will be enough room for a Q&A to ask your questions
When: October 23rd, 8pm GMT+2 hours so that’s 11am US West Coast and 2pm US East Coast
Costs: $100, and tickets are limited
Why: Because you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to give your startup a traffic boost.

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