The Next Web is now on So, how should we use our account?

The Next Web is now on So, how should we use our account?

After raising $803,000 from 12,315 backers, Twitter alternative started taking payments from supporters this week. There is already a thriving community of early adopters and developers active on its alpha, and now there’s one more account to follow – The Next Web is on

So, now we’ve got an account, what do we do with it? Our Twitter account is the fastest way to be alerted to new posts that we publish here; should we share a link to every new post just like Twitter? Should we selectively share a few posts per day and be more conversational?

The etiquette for is still being decided by its users. There isn’t that much link sharing going on there yet, and we’re one of the first publications to launch an account. If you’re an user, we’d love to hear your thoughts. We’ll be experimenting with it over the next few weeks to see what works, but it’s definitely a good opportunity to help see what works for publishers on

So, if you have an account over at, come join us.

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