Download TNW Magazine v0.6: The Future of Communication

Download TNW Magazine v0.6: The Future of Communication

Today we proudly present the 6th issue of TNW Magazine for the iPad. This month’s theme is ‘The Future of Communication’ and we have opinions and background from a great selection of communication experts. Of course we also have book reviews, app reviews, movie trailers and music you can listen to while reading the articles provided to us by the curators at 22Tracks.

The artist of the month, found via our friends at, is Owen Davey. You can see his artwork on the cover of our magazine and in several headers. Check out his website and feel free to tweet him a compliment.

This month’s main articles are:

Business – Best handled over a glass of whiskey
by Alex Wilhelm

How Technology has Evolved Communication for Expatriates
by Jon Russell

Hardwired humans: Why our aversion to technical advances is about to change
by Paul Sawers

Bye Bye Babel: Breaking Language Barriers Online
By Anna Heim

Apart from those stories we asked a guest curator, Tessa Sterkenburg, to talk to a range of experts, getting a wide variety of opinions on the diverse subject of ‘communication’. The experts she selected are Jonathan MacDonald, David Lemereis, Lone Frank, David Nieborg, Axel Arnbak and Aral Balkan.

This issue has been sponsored by the kind people at Igloo Software, the social business solutions provider. That also means you can download the issue for FREE. No such thing as a free lunch? How about a free magazine instead?

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