The Next Web is hiring a Features Editor

The Next Web is hiring a Features Editor

Let’s get straight to the point – We’re on the lookout for a smart, driven person to work as our Features Editor here at The Next Web. As the Features Editor you would be responsible not only for spotting an opportunity for great long-form stories, but making use of the resources at your disposal to ensure that they get told.

We’re looking for someone with a discernable taste for what our readers enjoy, related to technology, Internet culture and life in general. You should have fantastic investigative skills, and the ability to truly highlight the best parts of what needs to be told.

TNW’s Features Editor is also responsible for directing the work of our highly-cultivated team of contributing authors. Whether they’re producing content for the website, or our newly-formed TNW Magazine, it’s your job to make certain that they’re handling the best stories, and doing so in a timely manner.

The right person for this position is someone that we can trust to give free reign over their content. If you feel like you’ve always been held back from the stories that you actually wanted to write or investigate, then you’re probably someone with whom we’d like to talk.

Ideally you’d be located in New York, London or San Francisco. But our team is global, so this isn’t your typical 9 to 5, though it is absolutely a full-time position. However, you’ll have a good bit of scheduling freedom, and a job that seems much more like play.

Sound like something that’s interesting to you? Good! We’d love to hear from you. Just head here, fill in the blanks and we’ll be in touch with you if you’re the right person for the job.

Image: matsuyuki via Flickr

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