TNW2012 Conference Magazine: You’ve never seen anything quite like this before

TNW2012 Conference Magazine: You’ve never seen anything quite like this before

A few months ago we started publishing TNW Magazine. A monthly iPad publication with stories, movies, music, apps and other content that is interesting for our audience. It is great to have a blog with 50+ posts per day about current events and at the same time work on a monthly magazine with more timeless content.

For The Next Web Conference 2012 we thought it would make sense to produce a magazine with extra information about the conference, but we also wanted it to be more than just that.

We started with the usual stuff like an agenda, speaker list and some general information. But then we started thinking about what else we could do to make the magazine more interesting and useful. What we came up with is a very dynamic and useful app. It is also completely free and you can download it right now.

A few examples of what to expect from the app:

Automated Speaker Tweets
You can click any speaker photo at the Speakers Page and a window will pop-up with a pre-formatted tweet with the name of that speaker, her or his Twitter handle, the hashtag for the conference and a URL. I have been at a lot of conferences and it is always the same; you are listening to an awesome speaker, want to tweet about it, but can’t find their name anywhere. Then you are misspelling stuff and typing away while you would rather just listen to them! Not anymore. Just fire up TNW Magazine, keep the speaker page handy and click their face. Then adjust the pre-formatted text and tweet away.

Auto Tweet Board [™ – © – patent pending]
We liked the previous feature so much we made a separate Auto Tweet page with some preformatted tweets for you to use. Saves you on re-typing those hashtags and URLs. We think it is so useful and revolutionary we trademarked it and have the whole thing Patent Pending. Or maybe not.

Applause Generator
After two days of inspiring, amazing and original keynotes your hands start to hurt from all the clapping you are doing. We’ve all been there. Lotion doesn’t help and gloves muffle the sound. Not practical either. That is why we included an ‘Applause Generator’ right within the magazine. But it does so much more than just generate applause for you. It also includes a ‘Laughter’ and ‘Ooh ha’ generator. Pump up the volume and let your iPad do the talking.


The magazine is even more awesome and includes interviews with some of the speakers, a ‘Speakers Feedback Generator’, a page that explains what all the different badges mean and an interactive map of Amsterdam with all the locations you need to know about during your stay in Amsterdam. We’ve also included a page with some content just to keep you entertained when you are bored. It is way in the back of the magazine and we’re guessing you won’t ever need it.

All-in-all, we think you should get this magazine. It’s FREE, even if you aren’t attending TNW2012! We think it sets the bar for any future conference magazine.

➤ The Next Web Conference 2012 Magazine

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