The great thing about a digital magazine: When you mess up (like we just did) you can fix it

The great thing about a digital magazine: When you mess up (like we just did) you can fix it

Here at The Next Web, as much as we love technology, we’re frustratingly still fleshy human beings with all the flaws that come with that. Luckily, our beloved technology can come to the rescue when things go wrong.

Take for example The Next Web Magazine, the new iPad app we recently launched. Beautifully presented, with exclusive articles, it’s perfect for sitting back and reading during your downtime.

The latest issue launched on Friday, based around the theme of collaborative consumption. We interviewed the founders of companies behind this trend, tested their services and called upon experts in the field to explore these ideas at greater length… but we managed to miss out one of the most important articles that pulls it all together. Oops.

Thankfully this isn’t any old magazine – as it’s digital we can simply push out updates as needed, so today, those of you who already have the latest issue will be prompted to download the updated version with an extra article by our very own Courtney Boyd Myers. If you’ve yet to download it, you will of course get the full magazine as it was intended.

If you haven’t subscribed to The Next Web Magazine, you can do so today with a choice of a monthly subscription for $0.99, a quarterly subscription for $3.99, or you can sign up for a year’s worth at $9.99.

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