Sound off: What can TNW do better?

Sound off: What can TNW do better?

Here at TNW we have one goal – to be the world’s technology blog. We’ve done our level best to be a lightning-fast, deadly-accurate source of technology news, with a healthy dose of Internet culture and humor to boot. But we’re not foolish enough to think that our work is done. It’s with that in mind that I posed a question on our Facebook feed over the weekend, and we got some great responses.

Ultimately the question that has to be asked is this – What can we do better? Many of you answered, and there were some great thoughts in there, including a few things that we’ve not considered before. So I thought it was time to bring the question here to the site as well.

It’s easy for us to get hyper-focused on things. What’s not so easy is to know what you, as our readers, want to hear about more (or less) often. So that’s why this post exists. Consider this an open-door invitation. Tired of hearing about Pinterest? Want more coverage of startup experiences? Here’s your chance to let us know.

Obviously we can’t dedicate focus onto every idea that comes up. In the end, doing so would actually be a disservice to you as a reader, because spreading our coverage too wide means that we’d also be spreading it thin. But there are surely things out there that we haven’t considered, or that we should be considering with more weight, and that’s why this question is being posed to you.

So here you go. Let us know in the comments how we could be doing a better job at being the technology blog that you want to read.

Oh, and thanks for reading TNW. There are a lot of tech blogs out there, and you can read any of them, but you choose to come to us and read what we have to say daily. Our appreciation for this fact goes much deeper than pixels on a screen could ever convey.

This post is part of our contributor series. The views expressed are the author's own and not necessarily shared by TNW.

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