The Next Web at the BBC: Catch the Outriders podcast every week

The Next Web at the BBC: Catch the Outriders podcast every week

Here at The Next Web, we were fans of Jamillah Knowles long before she came on board as our UK Editor, last week. As the host of BBC podcast Outriders, she dug up fascinating stories from around the Internet each week, interviewing everyone from chiptune composers to people leading Internet protest movements. Members of the TNW team even popped up as interviewees from time to time.

You may wonder, now that Jamillah is a fully-certified TNW team member, what has become of Outriders? The good news is the it lives on. Yes, broadcast on Tuesday mornings on BBC Radio 5 Live, each week’s show will appear online for download shortly afterwards on the BBC website.

In fact, the only difference is that Jamillah is now introduced as UK Editor of The Next Web. You’ll find that many of the interviews will complement TNW stories and news. This week’s show looks at the story behind archive video site My Century, and Flossie, a conference aimed at women who use free and open source software.

If it’s not already there, add Outriders to your podcast-listening routine and catch Jamillah with more great finds from around the Web every week.

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