Welcome (Back) to The Next Web, Robin Wauters

Welcome (Back) to The Next Web, Robin Wauters

Back in 2008, @Boris put a tweet out looking for a replacement for one Robin Wauters, a contributor, who after a spell with The Next Web was being snapped up by Michael Arrington to join TechCrunch.

As with many things, both TNW and I were at the right place at the right time. I answered Boris’ call to replace Robin and shortly after became Editor-in-Chief of, essentially, a one person blog :) I was very proud but who could blame Robin for leaving – At the time TechCrunch was THE blog of note.

Three years later, we’ve grown, and although we have much work left to do – we’ve cemented our name and brand in the technology reporting space with: numerous scoops, a top 5 ranking on Techmeme’s Leadboard, record traffic almost month-on-month and an event we’re extremely proud of. (Have you bought your tickets yet?)

But today’s announcement is about welcoming an old friend home and officially announcing the return of Robin Wauters to The Next Web as our European Editor.

Robin has performed wonders during his time at TechCrunch, and while we’ve been working hard to get to where we are today, Robin has been doing the same and making a name for himself as a prolific tech writer, a master scoopster holding the 9th spot for the most headlines on Techmeme.

Robin brings years of experience, a vast network of relationships worldwide and great ties with EU and US investors, accelerators, incubators and co-working spaces. He’s also a mentor at Founder Institute and Seedcamp with years of hands-on experience advising and working for startups, both venture-backed and bootstrapped.

Robin is also a friend and someone the vast majority of our team has had the chance to bond with thanks to the numerous technology focused events we attend. What’s more, he is used to the daily tech blogging grind, the competition, the traveling, the stress, the fun, and knows how the game works. Above all he’s hungry and determined, a thread that spins throughout the TNW team.

Needless to say Robin is an amazing addition to the team and we’re delighted to welcome him back.

Let’s get to work.

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