Introducing The Next Web for OS X

Introducing The Next Web for OS X

It’s with great delight that I introduce The Next Web OS X, our simple and elegant new mac app that sits neatly in your menu bar bringing you new stories in real time to your desktop.

Here’s a run down of what you get:

  • The app brings real notifications to your desktop so you’ll be the first to know the moment news breaks.
  • Read the latest headlines from The Next Web, through a minimalist and slick widget attached to your status bar.
  • Choose to receive notifications for only the topics you’re interested in
  • Spotted some cool tech news we should know about? The app features a quick and easy want to tip us a story.

Our intent is always to keep the app neat and simple but we do have a few little features on the way that should have you jumping Tom Cruise  on Oprah style.

The app is free and available in the Mac App Store!
Thanks to Sarp Erdag and Ryan Downie for their work putting this together.

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