First ticket sold for The Next Web Conference 2012

First ticket sold for The Next Web Conference 2012

We still have 338 days or 11 months and 2 days which is 29,203,200 seconds or 486,720 minutes or 8112 hours or 48 weeks until The Next Web Conference 2012 kicks off. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t working on it.

In fact, we started working on TNW2012 before we even started TNW2011.

And, if you want, you can buy your ticket to TNW2012 today.

Johan Schaap did just that earlier today:

This isn’t the first time Johan Schaap bought the first ticket though. Every year he has emailed us just after the conference to ask us when we would start selling tickets for next years’ conference, and every year he was the first to buy a ticket. After 6 editions we now email him and invite him to be the first person to register. Tradition and all.

So, what can you expect from TNW2012? Everything you’ve seen at TNW2011 and more! I will update this post with the first 25 names of people who buy tickets, including links to their companies, so reserve your ticket now.

One more time, because I like it so much, TNW2011 in 100 seconds:

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