Breaking tech news? Get email notifications as it happens.

Breaking tech news? Get email notifications as it happens.

We’re in the technology news business. To that end, if it’s old, it isn’t news. Given that you’re reading this, chances are that you live, eat, sleep and breathe the tech lifestyle and want to get the news as soon as it happens.

Fortunately, we have a great way for you to do just that.

We’ve had an email subscription service in place for some time but we’ve just tweaked it to have it running exactly as it should be, and now you never have to worry about missing a breaking news story. Simply head to the Subscribe box on right side of any page, enter your email and tell us when you want to hear from The Next Web.

Now don’t think that just because you give us your email address that we’re going to spam you. We hate that every bit as much as you do. Breaking stories are big events that are truly important in technology, rather than small announcements or otherwise fun news that we post here. That means that you’ll rarely get an email from us, but if you do, you’ll get it the moment that the story goes live on our site.

Our Daily and Weekly Top Stories emails are similarly handy lists that will keep you up to date on our most viewed, most shared stories from the past day or week. While many of you have already subscribed to The Daily Dose to keep up with 24 hours of tech news in 5 minutes or less, if you want to make sure that you don’t miss any of the big events, one of our three options here is a must.

In short, it’s a really handy way for you to keep up to date with stories as they happen, even when you can’t be reading TNW. We’re sure that you’re going to love it.

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