Get your own free, delicious and gorgeous ‘bloggable’ sticker!

Get your own free, delicious and gorgeous ‘bloggable’ sticker!

iJustineA few years ago we were attending as conference and wanted something to get the attention of attendees. Something that would be funny and not too corporate but would attract some attention to the blog in am unobtrusive way.

We came up with our ‘This object has been marked bloggable’ idea.

Unfortunately we didn’t know how to spell bloggable at the time so the stickers said ‘blogable’. Turns out most people don’t know either since we barely got a complaint and people loved the stickers.

We put them on cars, laptops, chairs and people. Especially on people really as you can see on iJustine on the right here (that guy is Ernst-Jan, an early TNW Editor) .

Then we ran out of stickers and sorta forgot about the whole thing. But now they are back! New and improved (new design by Frank Slangen) and if you want a few I’m happy to send them to you, no matter where you are in the world.

And they are cheap too! In fact, better than cheap: all FREE!


All we ask in return is that you use the stickers, preferably on your forehead, or on your laptop where people can see them. So, enter your address in this form and I will make sure you get the sticker sent to you:

Some examples of our bloggable stickers in the real world:

Another happy #tnwbloggable user: @abarrera

Spotted, @mtrends with a cool sticker. #tnwbloggable

Some people REALLY like our stickers. #tnwbloggable

Another #tnwbloggable sticker in use. This one by @olivierwegloop

Aaaand another happy #tnwbloggable person @PaulaMarttila

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