Watch Conan O’Brien deep dive into virtual reality at the YouTube VR Lab

Virtual reality has been around for ages, but it’s only starting to make its entry into mainstream culture. Recently, Conan O’Brien took a tour inside YouTube’s VR Lab in New York City to find out more about what virtual reality has to offer – and the outcome was nothing short of hilarious.

There, the popular talk show host took a moment to mull over the promises VR holds for the future of porn, detailing an elaborate sexual fantasy that involved him spending four to five years inside a porn-simulated erotic cube – you know, stuff that celebrities like.

Conan also had an opportunity to test out some cutting-edge Google technologies like its VR painting suite TiltBrush, which he used to sketch up a very bad drawing of himself.


In addition to this, Conan got a chance to spill some virtual coffee around his virtual office;  he also made a xerox copy of his face, which in turn reproduced a 3D-modeled brain.

Before he left, Conan showed off his less than impressive fast-food cooking skills and also exchanged blows with some computer-generated boxers – that weren’t very good at boxing.

Watch the full footage of Conan’s tour inside YouTube’s VR Lab in the video section above.

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