Watch: This is how you wreck a giant $200,000 battle robot

Over a year ago, American robot fighting team MegaBots challenged its Japanese rival Suidobashi Heavy Industry to a ruthless robo-deathmatch.

As the showdown is fast approaching, MegaBots wanted to put its Mark II to the test and see how well the $200,000 battlebot will fare when the duel finally goes down.

For its trial, MegaBots detached Mark II’s cannononball-gun arm and aimed it back at the robot to see whether the machine’s cabin is sturdy enough to protect its pilot from potentially getting blasted with a giant cannonball to the face.

However, it seems MegaBots will have some more work to do: While the cannonball did little damage to the robot, the test showed the impact was so powerful that it would’ve almost certainly killed a human pilot.

In its second pilot survival test, MegaBots wanted to assess whether its robot can take a heavy blow to the body without injuring the pilot.

To make sure the impact matches the power of its Japanese robo-rival, MegaBots slammed the Mark II with a gigantic wrecking ball – time and time again.


Curious to know what happened next? Head to the video in the section above.

The final showdown is expected to take place in the first season of MegaBots that just premiered yesterday.

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How to Destroy a Giant Robot on YouTube

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