This mesmerizing video makes New York look better in 8K than in real life

While I’ve never been to New York myself, I feel I’ve seen it a thousand times. Whether it’s in books, in movies or in pictures, the Big Apple is virtually everywhere.

Yet after all this time, nothing has piqued my curiosity for the concrete jungle as much as this dazzling timelapse of New York filmed in 8K resolution.

There’s not much to the video besides it’s ultra high definition resolution. It’s just a truly mesmerizing compilation of New York’s most beautiful and monumental landmarks and landscapes.

Still, the incredible crispness, high pixel density and vibrancy of color completely overwhelm me. And while I can’t my put my finger on it, there’s something about this video that makes New York look better in 8K than it does in real life – and that truly inspires me.

The mind-blowing footage of New York was shot by Kyoung Sop Choi during his winter visit to the Big Apple. You can take a peek at the the full video here.

Oh, and don’t forget to watch in 8K (if your device can handle it) – it makes the experience all that more impressive!

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Colors of New York on Vimeo

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