The hidden world of sexting is laid bare in this short documentary

The reality of being young in 2016 involves a lot of time spent on your phone. An inevitable part of growing up is exploring your own body and sexuality.

While this used to be a mostly physical thing, it’s now becoming more and more mediated by technology.

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However, there are obvious dangers at hand in this new age of intimacy. One of the most important being the easy sharing of data – sending nude pictures and having them ultimately show up on more screens than intended.

In I See You by Orian Barki we meet groups of young people discussing their experiences with sexting: How they experience it, why they do it and how it fits into their lives.

The short film distributed by DAZED shows that for a lot of young people Snapchat DMs are a way to share more than just formal messages, but that it has also taken over a big part of people’s intimate communications – taking the dangers that come with it mostly for granted.

Watch teens discuss the dangerous, romantic world of sexting on Dazed

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