Imagineers: Boom Chicago founder Pep Rosenfeld on tech and comedy

Don’t miss Pep Rosenfeld at TNW Europe on May 26-27th!  Get your ticket here. 

What do you call people who are stretching the limits of their imagination to engineer a new future? At The Next Web, we call them the imagineers. 

Produced in partnership with the City of Amsterdam, each episode captures one person’s thought-provoking view on technology amidst the streets and spaces of the Dutch creative hub.

The city itself is a place where rich history and culture go hand-in-hand with innovation and progression – just the right place for TNW Conference.

In this tenth episode, we spend time with Pep Rosenfeld, the co-founder of Boom Chicago, Amsterdam’s renowned comedy theatre. He’s the theatre’s Emmy-nominated, creative multi-tasker: he writes, directs, trains hosts and does stand-up shows, among other things.

For Pep, technology is a cultural phenomenon that not only provides him with relevant material for his comedy, but offers amazing opportunities – did you know he and his team were pioneers in live-streaming comedy shows back in 1999?

Watch the episode to find out why, even though VR and live-streams are great, nothing can replace a live audience, and how else technology is not just changing his work, but everything around us.

Pep Rosenfeld will be moderating this year’s Digital Innovation stage at TNW Europe at the end of the month.

In addition, he’ll be sharing the stage with our CEO and co-founder Boris Velduijzen van Zanten for a one-of-a-kind exchange of food-for-thought, witticisms, and downright tomfoolery. Don’t miss it!

Get your tickets here.

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