Your favorite YouTube stars are heading to the Emmys

Your favorite YouTube stars are heading to the Emmys
Credit: College Humor

Given that most kids under the age of 16 already think YouTube is a TV channel, it was only a matter of time before the folks handing out the awards for the best television programming got up to speed.

The Television Academy, which hosts the Emmy Awards, has just unveiled plans for YouTube content, as well as any other TV shows debuted online, to be eligible for the top telly prizes.

The new or updated categories focus on short-form content, with reality, variety and comedy shows under 15 minutes all now being considered.

To be eligible to win each piece of content must have more than six episodes – and be good enough to get votes from the organization’s 18,000 members, obviously.

There are also now awards for the best actor and actress in a short comedy or drama.

But, just to make sure these young upstart ‘channels’ don’t get the idea that they’re about to replace TV, the expanded short-form categories will be presented as part of the Creative Arts Emmy Awards, which happens a week ahead of the main event.

The new criteria doesn’t mention anything about swearing so I’m rooting for these guys.

And for the love of god: please stop calling your children Michael.

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