Watch: Anonymous claims ISIS campaign as its top success in this brag video

The Anonymous online vigilante group says it has helped take out pedophiles, scientologists and even Russian government officials, so now it has created a ‘greatest hits’ campaign video to show off its efforts.

The online group declared “total war” on the Islamic State last year and says that taking out communication channels related to the organization is its top win to date.

Anonymous also claims some victory from efforts it made online following the Charlie Hebdo attacks and it even joined in with Iranians during anti-government protests after there were accusations of vote rigging in 2011.

Given the decentralized nature of Anonymous, it’s not always easy to attribute activity to the group, but the video certainly provides an interesting, albeit one-sided, account of one of the Web’s most prolific cyber armies.

The group is not without its critics, with one alleged Anonymous hacker arrested just last month for his suspected involvement in the hacking of a US hospital.

Anonymous Top Ten Accomplishments HD [Anonymous via IT Pro Portal]

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