Everest app now helps people in the UK and Ireland achieve their goals [Video Interview]

Everest app now helps people in the UK and Ireland achieve their goals [Video Interview]

Backed by Peter Thiel and other notable angel investors, Silicon Valley startup Everest is trying to help people ‘unlock their potential’ and fulfill their dreams with an iPhone app that enables them to break down their personal goals into an unlimited amount of smaller steps.

The app also lets people share photos and written content publicly or with their friends on social networks, features that are supposed to help others find, encourage and inspire the people who share their dreams.

Launched at Hy! Berlin, the startup launched its application in the UK and Ireland, and we caught up with Everest co-founder and CEO Francis Pedraza to learn more about the app and the company.

Due to circumstances, I had to break down the video into two parts and upload them to YouTube separately. Please forgive me.

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