Andrew Keen grills CEA head Gary Shapiro on the future of CES and innovation [Video]

Andrew Keen grills CEA head Gary Shapiro on the future of CES and innovation [Video]

At the recent TNW Conference in Amsterdam, entrepreneur and writer Andrew Keen sat down with Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association and also a published author.

The pair talked about innovation and whether any of that is happening here in Europe, and the influence of labor laws and culture of failure on entrepreneurship in these parts.

Also discussed (evidently, given Shapiro’s main job) was the consumer electronics industry, but also healthcare and automotive, and whether innovation is happening in those three sectors.

Another topic of the conversation was the disruption that is happening – or is bound to happen – in the education sector because of the rise of technology, and the changes it causes in the way governments work.

Keen also asks Shapiro whether CES (the trade show hosted by the Consumer Electronics Association) is on the road to extinction, and didn’t shy away from discussing the whole CNET/CBS-Dish controversy.

If you weren’t at the conference, you can watch the discussion in full below. Also don’t miss our interview with Shapiro, the video of his keynote, and his recent guest post for The Next Web.

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