Bravo’s Startups Silicon Valley: What did you think?

Bravo’s Startups Silicon Valley: What did you think?

Episode one of Bravo’s Startups Silicon Valley aired Monday. In the 40 minute segment, which has courted much controversy in Silicon Valley, my brother and I pitch to valley VC Dave McClure for a $500k investment in our health startup Ignite.

Reviews from Silicon Valley insiders are largely negative, saying that the show is just what they expected, and that it is only 60% true of Silicon Valley culture. Outside of the Valley, reviews were more positive, with the New York Times asking why Silicon Valley can’t take a joke?

Needless to say, opinions are varied.

Would you invest? 

In the opening episode, Silicon Valley investor Dave McClure of 500 Startups looks through our pitch deck and tells us he’s not going to invest. He’s the first investor we pitch to on the show, and as you’ll see he flips through our pitch deck like it’s a boring magazine, quickly coming to the conclusion that it didn’t feel right for him.

But we want to know what you think. Below is our pitchdeck, explaining that our goal is to help users track their life expectancy in real-time. Yes there are lots of healthcare startups, but we have coupled software with a clever piece for hardware for easy data input and we can manufacture it at a tenth of the price of our main competitor in the market Fitbit.

Would you invest?

The drama 

People keep asking me if the drama is real. Yes, unfortunately it is real and I fell out with my best friend. And yes I was crazy enough to have a nap under Dave McClure’s desk.

If you have not seen the show you can download it for free on iTunes here. Love it or hate it, it’s caused quite a stir – will you be watching episode 2 next week?

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