TNW at IBC: GoPro cameras for extreme filmmakers have ‘vomit-proof’ housings

TNW at IBC: GoPro cameras for extreme filmmakers have ‘vomit-proof’ housings

The Next Web has been in Amsterdam at International Broadcasting Convention (IBC),  livestreaming interviews from the event with the help of LiveU.

If you missed the streaming live, our interviews are on site so you can find out what the future of broadcast looks like. You can find more of our video coverage and catch up with the future of broadcasting from IBC here.

GoPro, the camera company known for products that can be used extreme conditions,  in the trickiest places were at the convention and Kash Shaikh, director of global communications at the company came to chat with us about the development of ‘the little grey box that could’.

GoPro was founded in California by a surfer who wanted to capture images of surfers in the barrel of a wave. At the time there was no way for people to capture an event while experiencing it.

Anywhere, anytime filming

Initially GoPro cameras were created to be worn on the wrist and now the unit can be worn in most places and used in multiple ways.

“The most magical thing we could do was put our camera in the hands of creative people who are showing us new ways  to use it that we couldn’t have imagined. Now people in film, entertainment, music and even science are using our cameras, even NASA is sending our cameras into space,” explains Shaikh.

But it’s not only the extreme sportsmen and women who are using the GoPro cameras. “We really consider our camera to be a lifestyle camera, says Shaikh. “People attach them to their dog’s collar or to the handlebars of their little girl’s bike as she learns to ride for the first time, they can capture her expression. People are using it in their daily lives in ways they were not able to before.”

Shaikh has some big plans ahead, including work with a US fighter-jet team where the GoPros will be mounted to the jets. He’ll be sitting in the jets as they perform free-dives, a stomach flipping exercise for most people, but Shaikh assures us, “These camera housings are vomit-proof so we should be good.”

Check out the video to find out what he will be up to in the skies.

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