TNW at IBC: TVersity launches AirFlinger, bringing AirPlay-esque features to all devices

TNW at IBC: TVersity launches AirFlinger, bringing AirPlay-esque features to all devices

With more than 12 million downloads to its name, TVersity is no stranger to the digital media space.

Launched initially in 2005, TVersity is a streaming media server that lets users beam content from their PC to any number of connected devices, doing all the necessary conversions to overcome inherent limitations of the target device. Want to watch digital downloads on your big screen without manually transcoding and transferring your files to your PS3? This is where TVersity comes into play.

However, at IBC this week, The Next Web was on hand to get the lowdown on its latest offering – AirFlinger – a very compelling offering from TVersity that looks to inject a little bit of Apple’s AirPlay into apps across all devices.

Indeed, TVersity is touting AirFlinger as an “open alternative to AirPlay”, built on open standards and not restricted to any particular mobile OS or TV connected device. It’s worth noting that AirFlinger isn’t an app, and you can’t download it to your mobile phone – it’s shipping as an SDK for pay TV operators and video publishers to integrate with their existing mobile apps.

AirFlinger can currently be deployed for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices, and they’re interoperable with a number of existing TVs and set-top boxes (STBs). While AirPlay lets you beam your iTunes content to devices around the home, AirFlinger is built to let developers enable any content to be broadcast wirelessly to compatible devices.

We caught up with TVersity founder Ronen Mizrahi, where he talks about his company’s latest offering and what we can expect to see from them in the future. Check out the full interview here:

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