Check out The Next Web’s Hermione Way on ‘Silicon Valley’, Bravo’s new reality TV show

Check out The Next Web’s Hermione Way on ‘Silicon Valley’, Bravo’s new reality ...

The news is out, today the world has heard about a new reality TV show being made for US TV network Bravo about Silicon Valley, starring a cast of seven Valley movers and shakers including an executive producer role by Randi Zuckerberg, the sister of Facebook founder Mark. The really exciting part is that our own Hermione Way has joined the cast as well.

Here’s why TV and Silicon Valley could be a great mix:


Silicon Valley is a place where the most ambitious people in the world come together to build technology that changes people’s lives. It’s a unique place where the combination of a lean funding ecosystem and incredible talent produce the highest number of innovative companies on the planet. It’s a place where ideas turn to global, scalable, million dollar revenue generating companies in a shorter time than any other industry.

The Spanx billionaire got her break on a reality show with Richard Branson

Turning $5,000 worth of savings into a billion dollar company is no small feat, but in a recent interview with Forbes magazine, Spanx billionaire Sara Blakely said she got her break from being a contestant on a reality TV show with Richard Branson, who after meeting her and realizing what a ‘spunky girl she was’ wrote her a check for $750,000 to start her foundation. TV opens up doors and opportunities to meet new people and you never know where that will take you.

User Adoption

Part of building a successful startup is getting user adoption and getting the word out about your startup. We all know of some great apps and technology that entrepreneurs have spent millions of dollars on, just to have failed because they just have not been effective in PR and marketing and getting people to use their product.

Sharing Silicon Valley Culture with a wider audience is a fantastic thing

Entrepreneurship is cool now, it’s the in vogue thing to do and that’s not a bad thing. You might not sleep much as an entrepreneur, but creating something that your passionate about; an app or technology that can help enrich people’s lives is an amazing thing. The cost of innovation is decreasing dramatically and pretty much anyone who has an idea, a laptop and a WIFI connection can now get an idea off the ground and share it via social networks to test the market. If someone in Oklahoma is watching the show and realize they too can have a shot at building the next Facebook or Google, that’s fantastic for them.

You can watch the trailer starring Kim Taylor (Account Director at Ampush Media), and Dwight Crow (founder of a Y Combinator startup) plus Hermione’s brother Ben Way (Rainmakers) Below.

Go get em Hermione!

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