A bold new UK exhibition charts the story of our Life Online [Video]

A bold new UK exhibition charts the story of our Life Online [Video]

Just twenty years ago, barely anyone had heard of the Internet; now it’s hard to imagine life without it. Charting this huge shift is Life Online, a brand new, permanent exhibition at the National Media Museum in Bradford, UK.

The exhibition features interactive games (such as trying your hands on investing in the Dotcom boom – to find out first hand what it was like to lose your shirt on an ill-advised Pets.com investment), a huge collection of vintage tech, video interviews from the likes of Vint Cerf – one of the “fathers of the Internet” – and Ray Tomlinson, the inventor of email, and even lighting that changes depending on the current mood on Twitter. Life Online is an impressive offering that has been years in the making.

There’s also a second gallery that will change every year. At launch, it covers themes around the open source movement, including interactive art exhibits and explanatory videos aimed at both adults and children.

Life Online is free to visit and open now. We went along for a preview earlier this week to see it for ourselves, as you’ll see in the video below.

Life Online at the National Media Museum

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