eliminates the social media douchebag by automating online campaigns [video] eliminates the social media douchebag by automating online campaigns [video]

You’d normally have to hire a social media douchebag expert to put together a bespoke social media campaign on behalf of you company or clients, but a new Silicon Valley based startup automates Facebook campaigns so you can put together a comprehensive social media campaign at a fraction of the price.

What’s impressive about the  Silicon Valley based startup founded by 23 year-old Matt Schlicht and 21-year-old Mazy Kazerooni, is the number of high-profile celebrities they are already working with. Singers Lil Wayne and Drake are already amongst their client base and they have pushed Lil Wayne’s Facebook fans to over 30 million worldwide.

The pair met at school and skipped college to work at UStream when they were just 18 and 19 year’s old respectively, now they live together with their developers in a shared house South of San Francisco in Daly City where they are working to grow their startup funding by big name valley investors. The startup’s technology has some interesting tricks and features to get fans to a higher level of engagement including the invention of the ‘Love’ button that appears on the top of the video of a Facebook page and upon your confirmation will send your Facebook data to the artist so they can send you regular alerts of new songs via email.

The co-founders were recently featured in Forbes 30-under-30. and are definitely ones to watch – you can see the full video interview below.

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