I hate Bluetooth headsets, and Nokia still made me want the Luna

I hate Bluetooth headsets, and Nokia still made me want the Luna

I detest Bluetooth headsets. I use a handsfree unit in the car, a wired headset or the phone on my ear otherwise. I know that this isn’t practical for everyone though, so I will forgive them for existing.

If they have to exist though, I would prefer them to be as small as possible, look fantastic and work well. The Nokia Luna headset, which is a new unit due out at the end of January, is designed to go along with its new Lumia smartphones.

The Luna is a small triangular unit that features a 2-hour talk time and snaps into a base that holds an additional 6 talk-hours of charge, bringing your total mobile lifespan up to 8 hours. The whole kit charges over Micro-USB.

The Luna supports 2.1 + EDR, Handsfree profile 1.5 and Headset Profile 1.1 advanced multipoint, which means you can attach multiple handsets to it, should you so choose.

The Luna Bluetooth headset will end up going for $79 in black, white, fuchsia and yellow and will be go on sale in the US at the end of January.

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