Kred launch ‘Wishes’ with influencer Brian Solis [Video]

Kred launch ‘Wishes’ with influencer Brian Solis [Video]

PeopleBrowsr, the creator of social analytics influence tool Kred, launched its latest product ‘Kred Wishes’ last week – an influence marketplace for connecting people’s wishes on Twitter.

A Kred Wish begins with a personal request for a product or service at Upon submission, the Wisher’s community of followers and peers can then support the Wisher with retweets and “Booster” tweets. Kred Wishes benefits Grantors before and after the Wish is granted with online buzz and increased influence generated by the tweets from the Wisher’s community.

After the Wish is mentioned and boosted by the Wisher’s network, Grantors may then elect whether to grant the Kred Wish. If the Wish is granted, a “Thank You” tweet is automatically generated by the Wisher and everyone who boosted the Wish.

I attended the launch at PeopleBrowsr Labs in the SOMA district of San Francisco and caught up with founder and CEO Jodee Rich along side influencer Brian Solis who gave his insight of social shopping forwarded in his new book The End of Business as Usual. I interview both, about the launch and ask Rich how Kred stacks up to recently-launched Klout’s Perks.

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