Let your phone give you a workout with Gain Fitness

Let your phone give you a workout with Gain Fitness

There’s no shortage of fitness apps on the market, but ones that actually act like a personal trainer are hard to come by. Gain Fitness’s mobile and web apps act like a personal trainer because the workouts are built by professional personal trainers’ expertise. The app then uses an algorithm to match workouts to individual’s body, goals, and lifestyle factors, to help regular exercisers optimize fitness and adapt to schedule changes. It motivates exercisers with social tie-ins and game mechanics, and keep things fresh with a custom built database of over 750 exercises.

What I love about Gain is the app will recommend exact exercises, sets, reps, and rests based on the time you have to spend. So if you only have five minutes to spare, the app will generate the best workout for the amount of time you have free. The app also shows videos of exactly how to do the exercise so no time is lost on working out how to execute the move, which is often the case with copying moves from a website. For those who are using the app for multiple workouts per week, Gain’s app will create a different workout every time to keep things fresh.

I went on a workout to test the app with Gain’s CEO & founder Nick Gammell who talked me through how the app works. Check it out below:

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