Students make money from their parked car with Wheelz [video]

Students make money from their parked car with Wheelz [video]

With Airbnb you put you can make money from your spare room, but how about making money from your parked car? Silicon Valley based startup Wheelz has launched a peer-to-peer car sharing service that allows students to put up their car for rent whilst it’s parked on campus. Other services in this space include Getaround and Zipcar but the difference with Wheelz is that it is focused on the student market and also heavily on using Facebook as identification authorization. This means you know exactly who is renting your car and that authorization creates a trust network

With the Wheelz app you can see what cars are available nearby and then book the car through the app. You can then unlock the door with with either the app or your Wheelz card with the pre-installed device that reads an RFID card in the window. Once you get inside there is a spare key in the door and off you go, you have to park the car in a zone near where you picked it up from. I was taken on a filming date with Wheelz’s CEO Jeff Miller who explains more about how Wheelz works.

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