Want your startup on The Next Web Video? Take me on a date

Want your startup on The Next Web Video? Take me on a date

Before you jump to conclusions that I’m using my media credentials to sort out my love life, let me explain; Just like other tech bloggers I get hundreds of emails every week from startups wanting me to check out their startup, set up an interview and get featured on The Next Web’s video channel.

There’s nothing wrong with that for text, but video is a rich media format where creating compelling content that tells a story is paramount to keeping your viewers interested and glued to the screen. And glued to the screen means more eyeball time for your technology and more exposure for your startup.

Neither you, I, or our readers want to watch yet another boring sit-down interview and product demo, we want want to see how your technology is making an impact to human life in the real world, in others words; we want to see your technology in an action.

It’s really disappointing when a startup has technology that would look really cool on video, for example-  a new taxi locator app, where if we were thinking creatively we could do the interview in the back of the taxi in the time it takes us to cross the Golden Gate Bridge, but the founders just want to do a sit-down interview in their office. *yawn*

No more, I say! Now is the end to boring sit-down interviews, Just like you’d try and impress a girl/boy by setting up an interesting date, I want you to impress us by setting up an interesting filming ‘date’. The film crew and I are open to doing pretty much anything if it’s a crazy enough idea (danger and extreme sports welcome) and will create an interesting video whilst at the same time show your technology in all its glory. You are entrepreneurs because you are creative and risk taking, we want you to think outside the box and get innovative with your video date ideas.

So, here’s the deal:

Email me [email protected] – make sure the subject title is: A Date With Hermione. Say in one sentence what your startup does and what your idea is for a filming date.

Our video team will review your technology and proposed dates, and if we feel they are innovative and interesting enough we will get in contact, set up a date for a shoot and work with you on developing the ideas for the video.

We would love to come up with all the ideas for startup’s video shoots but with startup culture sweeping across the world, we literally cannot keep up with demand for reviewing startups. This way we can get to more startups, create compelling content, and hey, if we find love at the same time it’s a bonus.

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