Could this be the biggest startup hub in Silicon Valley?

Could this be the biggest startup hub in Silicon Valley?

880 Harrison St, remember the address because this could become one of Silicon Valley’s biggest startup hubs if the ambition of the owners is anything to go by. It’s a 36,000 square foot space in the heart of the startup district of San Francisco’s Soma that is to be transformed into a hub for technology entrepreneurs encompassing a co-working space, cafe and ‘startuphouse’- a hostel for entrepreneurs where they will live, breath and eat startups for the duration of their stay.

Behind the StartupHouse part of this epic project is Elias Bizannes, the founder of StartupBus the project that took tech entrepreneurs from around the US to Austin Texas building and launching startups by the time they arrived. Elias tells me he is part of the ‘Aussie Mafia’ a group of Australian friends who also happen to work in property and bought the building as a joint project with the possibility of eventually setting up more an accelerator-type funding program for startups who enter the building. Hopefully Elias’s day job at Charles River’s Ventures will mean the startups will be in good hands.

There are many co-working accelerator/incubator spaces in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. The biggest, space-wise is Plug and Play in Sunnyvale/Redwood City. But 880 Harrison with 36,000 feet devoted to startups will be one of the, if not the biggest in San Francisco.

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