Linkovery is an Online Desktop for Applications [Video]

Linkovery is an Online Desktop for Applications [Video]

Just like Google Chrome has the web apps store for its browser, Linkovery is an open web app store for every browser which means you can access sites via Linkovery’s desktop apps. Linkovery allows you to create and  customize web apps for every device using open web standards so it doesn’t matter if you’re on iPhone or Android, you can access any site using any browser.

The news this week that Facebook is focusing on reaching users who access the internet via mobile through a completely HTML5 based version of their site, is testament to the fact that most of the world doesn’t access the web through native apps on smart-phones, they access through the browser which is why Linkovery’s proposition is so neat. I sat down with the founder of Linvovery Mariano Torrecilla who is in Silicon Valley raising funds.">

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