Apple baby Aza Raskin on the secrets of great User Interface

Apple baby Aza Raskin on the secrets of great User Interface">

‘Whilst most kids were carried around in the stroller, I was carried around in the first Macintosh carry case,’ says Aza Raskin whose father  Jef Raskin was the expert user interface designer that built the Macintosh project for Apple in the late 1970s.

Having grown up in the thick of computer development, Aza went on to become head of user experience at Mozilla Labs. In 2008, Raskin and the other Humanized employees were part of a hire-out by the Mozilla Corporation. In 2010, Raskin was appointed Creative Lead for Firefox and is now, at the tender age of 27,  working on his latest startup Massive Health, currently in stealth, which is building a number of iPhone apps to bring innovation to healthcare.

Aza and I talk about Chrome over Firefox, if his ambition in building products with beautiful UI will lead him to become the next Steve Jobs and what he likes to do at the weekends to let off steam.

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