[Video] SoundTracking gets app store’s app of the week

[Video] SoundTracking gets app store’s app of the week

Co-founder Steve Jang talks me through how the app was born and current updates.

Jang gives me a demo of the app in action.

SoundTracking -the app that allows you to share the soundtrack to your life- is killing it in the tech rounds right now; Since its launch at SXSW this year, its had 100K downloads from Apple’s app store, been named app of the month by Billboard magazine, app of the day by Gizmodo and last week app of the week by Apple’s app store.

Co-founder Steve Jang is a good friend of The Next Web as he spoke at our conference two years ago, in the video he tells me about how he came up with the idea of the app which is like a cross between Instagram for music or Shazam with a social sharing option.

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