[Video] Angel Fadi Bishara: ‘Everyone has an entrepreneur inside of them’

[Video] Angel Fadi Bishara: ‘Everyone has an entrepreneur inside of them’

Another day in Silicon Valley, another accelerator. This time it’s the pimp daddy of Silicon Valley accelerators, the Playboy Mansion for geeks: The Blackbox Mansion in the home town of none other than Eric Schmidt who lives in Atherton, one of the most afluential areas of Silicon Valley.

By the pool of the beautiful mansion I caught up with the co-founder of Blackbox, Angel investor Fadi Bishara who is also the founder of techVenture, a technical headhunting firm focused exclusively in serving venture backed software startups based in Silicon Valley. During an exciting 14 years of work in the Valley, Fadi played a key part in the success and early stage talent growth of great startups/companies like:

CubeTree(SFSF), Tapulous(Dis), Lala Media(AAPL), xoopit(YHOO), PeakStream(GOOG), SixApart, MerchantCircle, RedFin, VideoEgg, Bebo(AOL), Blurb, BitGravity, Zynga, Apture, Change.org, BungeeLabs and Causes.  For more details see LinkedIn.com/in/FadiBishara

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