An exclusive first look at twitter client Twimbow’s new features [invites]

An exclusive first look at twitter client Twimbow’s new features [invites]

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Twimbow, the browser based Twitter client we covered last year is launching version 1.0  at the end of the month and we were lucky enough to get some previews. What makes Twimbow special is it enables you to color code your Tweets, making it easier to quickly sort and digest the mountain of information coming through the Twitter firehose.

Twimbow also provides an augmented reality-like interface where users can send songs and videos which play inside the client, pulling in added data around the Tweet sent.

Founder Luca Filigheddu told me they want to be the ‘Apple of Twitter Clients’ and with the client’s beautiful UI providing an easy to understand environment, Twimbow could make Twitter easy to use for everyone, just like the iPhone did with smartphones.

Twitter clients are big business right now, with TweetDeck recently sold to UberMedia for $30million.

We got an exclusive preview of the new features which include:

– A Twimbow account: now you must login with Twitter through oauth. In version 1.0 users will migrate to a Twimbow account. Every setting (and colors, too) will be stored in the cloud so it will be portable from one browser to another.

– Multi Twitter account support (through oauth). Facebook coming soon (version 1.2 or 1.3, very soon)

– Support for Gmail-like labels that will replace the current color codes.

– Completely new architecture and structure of the app (faster than ever)

Twimbow is offering 30 free invitations to the first 30 commenters. To get an invite you must:

1. Tell us why you’re interested in trying Twimbow

2. Specify your @ Twitter username

2. Follow @twimbow

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