launches Quora-like questions for brands launches Quora-like questions for brands


This video was bought to you by SitePen and Viadeo. – the social interaction engine that works out who are the most important connections in your social network, has today launched a question like feature aimed at users who can ask brands questions.

You can ask a question on your own personal page like Quora, but what makes the awesome questions feature awesome is that you can also raise a question or discussion on a company page. With companies already engaging in customer service on platforms like Twitter, the questions feature provides a good solution for brands wishing to communicate in a little more depth than 140 characters and unlike Quora, is democratic in terms of the community, not company, powered voting and editing that happens on the platform.

I Skyped founder Elias Shams to ask him how it differs to Quora and other question asking sites.

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