Blekko: So you’ve got $200k investment from Ashton Kutcher, now what?

Blekko: So you’ve got $200k investment from Ashton Kutcher, now what?">

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Blekko is a Silicon Valley based search engine aiming to redefine the way you search the web by using slashtags and human editors to cut out spam sites. You can use friends, experts, community or your own slashtags to ‘slash in what you want and slash out what you don’t’.

I interviewed founder Rich Skrenta about the company and their recent $200k investment from Ashton Kutcher. Why is Ashton Kutcher investing in a search engine? As Skrenta explains, in the search sector when you’re up against the beasts that are Google and Bing, it comes down to marketing; getting people to visit your site. With Ashton’s social graph including a whopping 6.3million Twitter follows, he can hopefully help Blekko make the noise it needs to succeed.

Blekko now has both Android and iPhone apps and you can follow Kutcher’s activity on Blekko here.

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