DC startup: GeniusRocket – curated crowdsourcing for creative projects

DC startup: GeniusRocket – curated crowdsourcing for creative projects


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Last week I was in Washington DC where I caught up with some startups, including Peter LaMotte, president of GeniusRocket– a company that connects artists and creatives with brands that need high end media. What makes GenuiusRocket different from crowdsourcing sites such a 99Designs or Elance is the talent does not bid on the project, GeniusRocket has a pre-vetted community of artists and small production companies who are approved for quality assurance.

This takes away the open element for brands who can often be overwhelmed with pitches that drastically vary in quality on other crowdsourcing sites. For the artist, it takes away the competition element and time wasted on pitching and bidding for a project they might not get.

I also talked to Peter about the Washington startup scene and why it should be possible to build an internet startup from any location in the world.

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